Parents of This 7-Year-Old Angel Need Your Prayers and Help

Everyday we come across incidents that shake us to the core and make us think about everything that is happening around us. It makes us think that is it right? And if it is not then why is it happening and why can’t we do anything about it? This story is another example of such incident. It is about a 7-year-old little angel Zarnish Naveed from Rawalpindi.

She is just 7 years old.

Source: Facebook

This is Zarnish Naveed, a 7 year old innocent girl from Rawalpindi who was abducted two men on a motorcycle. The incident happened right in front of her house in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Photos of little Zarnish have been circulating around the social media and her family members asking for help. It really saddens you thinking about the pain of a mother losing a 7 year old kid.

The incident happened in Bahira Town, Rawalpindi.

Source: Facebook

According to the sources she was taken by two men around 10 pm right outside her house in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. According to the witnesses one man was wearing white shalwar kameez while the other one, blue. If anyone can help the family do let them know contacting on these numbers.

Father’s name: Ahmed Naveed
Contact number: 0333-5060342, 0321-5178372

Child safety is an important issue.

Source: Facebook

These kinds of incidents are not new, it’s not like nobody realizes that this happens. It does, but is someone doing anything about it? Child safety is really important. Our streets and roads should be safe enough for children or anyone. The authorities should make sure that they have enough security in every society and CCTV cameras installed so as to minimize the occurrence of such incidents.

Little Zarnish needs our prayers, please take out a moment and pray for her safe return. If you can help the family in any way whatsoever, do it. May God keep her safe and return her to her family.

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