Stop Mocking India for using Pakistani Jets to Celebrate its Independence

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As Indian cultural ministry has used images of Made in Pakistan JF-17 jets in their Independence Day promos, Pakistanis are continuously ridiculing them. This is wrong. We need to stop embarrassing and insulting India.

Why? We all have learned rights of neighbors in our childhood school books. If your neighbor needs you, help them. A neighbor which always look towards you as an inspiration sure deserves your support. Help them. Don’t ridicule them.


Indians have got Tejas and there are multiple reasons which make those jets quite below the standards set by JF-17 thunder. If India needs our jets so much, and the only way they could satisfy their need is by using its pictures, we should stop mocking them.

If they have photo-shopped Indian flags on images of our jets because what they have doesn’t make them feel proud, we should not only provide them more HD images, we should also give them a physical model of this jet. A model which they could use in their air force museums and make sure that their upcoming generations learn more about the role model of India.

And not to forget; it’s Islam that teaches us to look for our neighbor’s needs. Pakistanis, please be caring to thy neighbors. And in the case of India, an alleged son born a day after you, the responsibility multiplies.

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