Oh, Come On! STOP Comparing ‘ACCA Topper’ & ‘Pawri Girl’ Because Both Are Precious

comparing acca topper pawri girl

Zara Naeem Dar, a student who hails from Lahore, topped the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams and became the worldwide prizewinner. Meanwhile, Instagram influencer Dananeer Mobeen became viral on social media for her pawri video. Now, people are comparing the pawri girl with the ACCA topper, the comparison between the two has stirred a debate on Twitter.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is blessed with highly talented young individuals. In addition to this, if given an opportunity, these youngsters can achieve astonishing success at global levels. 

Dar scored the highest marks in the financial reporting exam conducted in December 2020. More so, she has created history by creating a world record in the ACCA examination. More than 527,000 students participated in this exam.

Simultaneously, Mobeen’s ‘pawri’ meme became such a hit that it has now crossed the border. “Ye humari car hai. Aur ye hum hai. Aur ye humari pawri horahi hai”.

By now, you must have definitely seen this viral video. Not only has the video gone viral but Internet has been flooding with various memes, with a few recreations of the video made by celebs and users.

The famous Indian music producer Yashraj Mukhate made a remix of the viral video. The girl behind the pawri video is an influencer on Instagram, as well as a content creator.

Mobeen, also called Geena, hails from Peshawar and resides in Islamabad. She often creates videos mimicking the ‘burgers’. So, in this video, she can be seen vacationing in the northern area of Pakistan while saying her famous phrase, “hamari pawri horahi hai.”

A number of people have recreated her video, and the girl has set a new trend! From celebs to hundreds of social media users, everybody is enjoying pawri.

Who deserves more recognition?

Now, the question that social media users have raised is ‘who deserves more recognition’. It must be noted that previously when the pawri video went viral, the bigger news of Dar topping the ACCA exam somewhat faded away.

Pakistanis were not happy with the netizens giving more importance to the meme girl rather than the ‘pride of the nation’. The Twittersphere is now drawing parallels between Dar and Mobeen, to understand where the priorities of most Pakistanis lie. Seriously, guys!

On the other hand, there were also a few users who refrained from comparisons. They understand that both Dar and Mobeen aimed to cater to two separate segments of society.

Meanwhile, some are still arguing if Mobeen did anything significant at all. “Stop making stupid people famous,” demanded a user, furiously.

Despite the ongoing debate which continues to be trending on Twitter, and people are comparing the pawri girl with the ACCA topper, it must be noted that both the girls must be cherished.

Nonetheless, we hope more heroes and deserving personalities are also celebrated and made popular in the same way!

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