‘Stones Save The Day’-Manchester City 20 Wins In A Row

Is there any team left in the Premier League for Manchester City? Manchester City is becoming invisible in every manner, they are not stopping at all.

The city has reached the title way near because the way they are playing, exhibiting their skills, and most important being consistent is unmatchable. Pep Guardiola has not created a team of warriors, they are God’s Invisible.

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The performance stays the same even in another league as well. On Wednesday they were in the battle of Champions League round of 16 and City won the match with a double.

Manchester City On Top

Today Manchester City faced West Ham United in a thrilling match, where they were exceptional along with the visitors as well.

The visitors tried their best to draw the game, but City overcame the opposition’s defensive side and took the double lead.

In the early half at the 30th minute, Ruben Diaz scored the stunning header and gave the City lead.

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But before the end of the first half, Michail Antonio equalized to give his team great hope. The second half was also entertaining, West Ham united produced some great plays and City defended very well.

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Although visitor’s defense couldn’t hold up the equalizer when the John Stones doubled the lead in the 68th minute.

West Ham got their striking element stronger when they loaned a Manchester United star, Jessie Lingard.

Lingard tried several times to hit the spot, even one of his shots was blocked by Stones. His additional has given West Ham more opportunity to score.

Pep Guardiola’s side has now consecutively won 20 matches in a row with the unreachable 13 points lead and there’s no doubt no one can reach to bring them down.

Post Match Conference

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Pep Guardiola spoke to BT sports after the match, “It was really difficult. They have the physicality, they have the quality of players.”

“After 10 or 15 minutes today, we realized we were not going to paint anything beautiful. When you play a lot of games – in the league and then the Champions League – this is normal.

“We were lucky to get all three points. The mathematics matter at the end of the season.”

On the other side, David Moyes looked very disappointed and frustrated while giving an interview to BT Sport.

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He said: “I’m disappointed we didn’t get a point. It was a terrific performance. We came here and tried to match a top side – and for long periods we did.

“I can’t promise to deliver European football to West Ham. I’ve hoped that we can try and be top 10. We can’t get carried away because we’re up against teams who are used to being at the top of the league.

“We’re the newcomers, for sure, but we’ve put on a good show and I hope this performance gives us momentum and energy for the rest of the season.”

Manchester City’s performance isn’t dropping down neither the points, it seems like they will lift the trophy before the end of the season with a way bigger margin of points on the table.

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