Still Skeptical About Watching Parchi? Here Is Why You Should Not Miss it Out!

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Parchi has been ruling the cinema since the day it came out. With its funky music and a different story, it has proven that for Pakistani audience too, content is King. It is performing way better than other mega starred movies like Verna.

Living up to its expectations, the Hareem Farooqi Production ditched adult comedy dialogues and flesh show to present a pure family entertainment movie. Here are four reasons why you should catch Parchi in cinemas before its gone:

· Out-of-the-box story:


Parchi’s storyline revolves around the very common issue that Karachi had faced in past decades; “Bhatta” i.e. bribing for the sake of sustaining business in the city. Though the matter is very serious, the way the makers made it hilarious by creating insane instances is just commendable.

The story is full of sane and natural comedy. It also has romantic-funny love scenes which let the audience connect to characters by heart. Unlike other plots which seem artificial, the story is very convincing in natural setup, making it easier to relate. I am sure none who enters the theatre room will leave without a content heart and broad smile on face.

· Catchy Music:

Parchi brings a very fresh and energetic beat of Music which is not only good to hear but one excellently shot in terms of video quality and graphics. Be it the Billo song which is full of traditional thumkas or the “Imagine” number which is composed of sweet melodious and soft beats, the soundtracks have remained immensely successful in binding the audience to screens.

· Too many Revelations:


The storyline is full of revelations. Just as we know that we know everything, the story takes a turn in most hilarious manner, making us laugh to the point that it hurts stomach. These revelations happen in unexpected scenes and with unexpected characters, making it a way more different story than what one can assume.

· Emotional Roller-coaster:


Apart from being a pure treat to comedy lovers, the movie is full of emotions. With a rocking love triangle, to motherly and brotherly love framed with unbreakable friendship, the characters manage to create the magical drama on screen, just as Pakistani Audience loves.

To sum up, Parchi is worth the investment of time and money. At places, it did get slow and the long duration of the movie not go well with some people, it is way better than what we have seen in name of comedy in past few years. I would rate Parchi, 4.5/5 in ratings, making it a star performer for me on box office.

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