21st Century and Still A ‘Jeanophobe’? This Girl Tells It Like It Is!

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You’re living in the 21st century and still, you can’t help yourselves to not interfere in someone’s personal life. Still, you’re a “JEANOPHOBIC”. You consider it something not to wear, it’s okay. I agree because everyone has the right to listen to their heart but answer me honestly, does that mean you should make someone’s life a living hell just because that’s your way of thinking?

If you consider wearing jeans is vulgarity and against your society norms, just close your eyes because that’s exactly what you did when Mukhtaran Mai was raped, when Shahrukh Jatoi was declared innocent, and when Ayan Ali went abroad. Her jeans provoke you because you watched something that’s “Not to be watched” the whole night last night.

I want to discuss all those things that every jeans-wearing-girl faces constantly.

1. You’ll Consider Her A Slut


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We’re living in such a pathetic society that her dress code will decide who she is actually. Wear jeans and get labeled a “Slut” by those whom you don’t even know. Are you seriously that free, that you will judge someone just by glancing at her dress?

2. If She’s Being Molested, She Deserves It


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My question is, who in the world allowed you to molest her even if she is naked? I repeat who? You will always blame her dress code for her being molested, but not for even one second will you think about the low mental status of the one who molested her. Even if she is wearing jeans, that doesn’t mean you get the license to molest her or judge her.

3. If She Has Been Raped, She Was Asking For It


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Her dress code is deciding what she wants. Wow. Nearly all the rape cases that are reported or investigated ended up discussing her character, her dress code, and most of all what she was doing there. Grow up now, you’re giving excuses for the heinous crime. The young girl in jeans provoked you and so you raped her?

Okay, but can you give me some clarification on raping a 9-year-old girl who doesn’t even know what the word “PROVOKE ” means? Actually, there is nothing wrong with her dress code, there’s something severely wrong with your mentality.

4. Now, Even TV Is Also Promoting That Every Jeans Wearing Girl Is Evil


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I don’t put all the blame on you. I also blame our media. I can’t help myself finding a drama in which these sick writers have depicted even a single jeans wearing girl as normal. You want to portray someone evil or negative? just ask her to wear jeans.

5. Your Religion, Your Islam, Starts and Ends Only On Her Dressing


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Islam isn’t only about how a girl should dress up. Islam teaches and guides us through every walk of life but the pathetic thing is that these stereotype Molvis (who preaches us on social media and at night watch Adult stuff) have considered Islam just a topic of amusement. I want to ask all of you does Islam simply ends on how a woman should dress up.

6. And Of Course, How Can I Forget Those “Astaghfirullah ”  Whispers And Piercing Eyes From Abaya Wearing Community



Dear, If you are wearing abaya or something like that I highly appreciate you but does that give you the right to make someone uncomfortable by your heart breaking whispers (whispers that are loud enough to be heard by 10 to 15 people around them.)

You consider yourself superior to the girl in jeans because you are covered properly but does that mean you should make her life hell? If you’re a true preacher of Islam, then instead of hating her for her dress code, go straight to her and make her your friend and impress her by your way of living.

There are a lot of important things to be discussed publicly or there are more important issues that need our attention instead of her dress code, so please show some realistic approach and be mature enough to understand that if she is wearing jeans, it’s her family’s responsibility to tell her what to wear and what not to wear and secondly learn the basics to live and let others live.

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