‘I’d Love To Come’, Steve Smith Shares His Desire To Be Part Of PSL

Steve Smith PSL

After David Warner, Steve Smith shares his desire to be part of the Pakistan Super League PSL. No doubt, Pakistan Super League has become one of the most popular tournaments in the cricket world.

That’s the reason apart from India, every other international player has shown an interest to be part of PSL in the future.

Steve Smith Shares His Desire To Be Part Of PSL
Source: CricketAddictor

When it comes to Australian players, several key Australian players have joined PSL and experienced the great tournament ever.

Steve Smith expressed his desire during an Instagram Q&A session.

Steve Smith Wants to be Part of PSL

It all happens when a fan asked him if he would be interested in playing in the PSL, Steven Smith without hesitation and with full enthusiasm shared that he would love to.

“I’d love to come to play at some point. I think it looks like a great tournament,” said Steve Smith.

It’s not the first time that any Australian players expressed their desire to be part of the Pakistan Super League.

Without any doubt, this year’s PSL was bombastic and exclusive in every way. That even made David Warner also exhibit his eagerness to be part of the tournament.

Rashid posted the caption, “What a game last night, thanks to the crowd for the great support,” Rashid posted.

To which Warner replied, “When can I play?” inquired Warner.

For those who don’t know, a few years ago Steve Smith was about to join Multan Sultan as per the rumored city. But had to pull out of the tournament due to other commitments.

Now the cricket fans would like to know when they both will be part of the PSL and which franchise will pick them.

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