Easy Steps You Can Take at Home to Reduce Anxiety due to COVID-19!

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This lockdown has been overwhelmingly tough on all of us, but don’t worry we got your issues covered. Reducing anxiety is not an easy task when it comes to being locked in a house.

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is destructive in all ways, whether be physical or mental. People have been complaining of mental breakdowns due to the pandemic. Well, it is essential to acknowledge that we as humans are social animals and we need other people to survive.

Nonetheless, there are several steps you can take to overcome and reduce anxiety. It has been almost two weeks and we are already tired of eating and binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix.

Steps to reduce anxiety!

It is hard but not impossible to reduce anxiety. However, you can always try exercising to be at ease. Your body releases unwanted tension when you exercise. You relax your muscles and fresh blood circulates throughout your body; resulting in you being more relaxed than before.

Exercising and meditation work in synergy to help reduce anxiety. You must be thinking about how to work out and meditate at home without any guidance. Well, the internet is full of videos and application which offer plans that can help you work out better.

reduce anxiety

Source: The Treatment Specialist

Another thing you can do to reduce anxious behavior and depression is by doing something productive. Anything can count as productivity, you can take an online course or learn a new skill. Learning new skills always help your brain to stimulate knowledge better!

Furthermore, I’ve been talking to people and they have been stressing about how they have locked themselves up in a room. This is something you should practice to not do to reduce anxiety. Locking yourself up in a room is going to make things worst. You should walk around your place and absorb some sunlight.

depression in people due to lockdown

Source: CTN News

Try to not keep your mind fixated on negative news. Think of this precautionary measure as the best solution (which it is). Try to make the best of your time and nourish your thoughts. Work on yourself and read inspirational novels to expand your horizons.

Try to cut down social media, as Instagram was recorded as one of the major reasons for high depression and anxiety instilled in young people.

Mental health issues are important and as responsible citizens, it is our job to ensure the well-being of our peers. Stress and anxiety are common and we all need to reduce them as much as we can to get through this pandemic. If nothing helps you, there are psychologists online who are consulting their patients, get help!

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