Staying Optimistic Is The Way To Live A Happy Life And Here’s Why

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Every day meeting different people, listening to their complaints about their lives, hurdles they are facing, the criticism they are getting from the world compels me to think about this particular question: ‘Is life really hard to us?’ To get an answer to this single question, I analyzed people’s action and reactions in different situations. In doing so, what I realized is that it’s the ‘thinking’ that affects a person’s life. It helps him to achieve its goals or led him to the failure.

This simply means how you are looking at your life which type of lance you are wearing to analyze and then judge your life. There are certain things which we need to focus on while thinking about our life.

Think Again

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Suppose you are having a packet of biscuit and you are continuously consuming it. Now it’s up to you whether you think the biscuits are getting finished or your stomach is being filled thankfully. It’s a fact the biscuits are being consumed because they were baked to be consumed. So think what you gain from it.

Accompany Positivity

Source: Positive Psychology Program

It is not necessary that everybody in your life will be a positive company. There could be the pessimist in your family as well from which you can’t have an escape. What you can do is try to find such people and such things which give you motivation and positivity that source could be a book, any piece of music, any social media’s post or any person you meet.

Count your blessings

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There comes a time in life when we lose precious things of our life that includes our relations, gadgets, money or any official posts. At that moment people start to feel it as an ending moment of life. Feel like having nothing left. The best thing to do at the moment is to start counting the blessings you still have and to count the ability to regain instead of what you have lost.

Turn criticism into the opportunity

Source: Building on the Word

Every human is brought up in the different environment with different approaches. Whatever you will do you will get criticism from the people belonging to the different mindset. Analyze the criticism first, if you find some lacking within yourself don’t feel ashamed to accept it and bring your better version. If you know you are right, take that criticism as an opportunity to enhance yourself.  Life will throw sand at you, it’s up to you whether you want to get buried under it or you make a bridge from it and climb up towards the sky.

Never give up


Remember always, every day is another opportunity for you. You might have failed to achieve something yesterday but still, you have today and tomorrow. At first, people may make fun of your goals but once you achieve it they are the one who admires it. ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight’

If you really want to make your life ‘alive’ stay positive and be a positive soul. Whatever you are trying to achieve with true intentions will be given to you one day if you really do work hard for it. Positive thinking is not about thinking to live in a fantasy world. It means you will be facing hurdles at most of the times of your life but you will end up in getting something better if you stay positive. As Rumi has said, “What you seek, seeks you”

Don’t be hard on yourself; we live only once try to find happiness around you, if you don’t find it, be the one to others. How long you are alive you have an opportunity to be what you want to be. So, stay optimistic and enjoy each and every situation of your life.


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