This Student's Story Sheds Light On The Issue Of Administrative Conundrum In Pakistani Universities

This Student’s Story Sheds Light On The Issue Of Administrative Conundrum In Pakistani Universities

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”If you’re on in an operation theater with your surgery is going on and your doctor calls us to mark your medical leave, we won’t mark it. No only this, even if you’re dead and you send your leave form grave, then even we won’t mark your leave. It’s against the rule.”

These are the exact words that a teacher in my university said to a friend of mine. My friend who suffered a leg fracture during the semester was hospitalized because of the injury. She submitted her medical certificate along with the leave application to exempt her from short attendance. The teacher gladly accepted the application and didn’t inform her that this will cause an issue on the day of the exam.

Today when she went to the university to give the paper, she found out that she’s ineligible to sit in the exam as her attendance is short. Baffled at this, when she went to the head of the department (HoD), she was told that she can’t sit because her attendance is short. Upon informing the HoD that she suffered a fracture and was in the hospital for a week, the HoD told her that this isn’t a reason ‘grave’ enough to exempt her from short attendance.

The only time you can get the waiver in attendance is when you’re on Hajj or Umrah or on an official assignment for the university. Other than that even if you’re on a dead bed, you won’t be given the leverage. After a heated argument, she was finally allowed to sit in exams but the entire situation here sheds light on this pertinent issue; the administrative conundrum of our universities.

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Rules are rules, O.K. but what kind of rule is this that even if you’re in an operation theater, then you’ve to come to class otherwise you’d be marked absent? What are they thinking? Is the student going to come on a stretcher directly from the theater with a drip clamped by the side just to attend the class? Is the attendance the biggest misery of student in his/her university life? What is the obsession with the 75% attendance?


Let everyone sit in the exam because rationally speaking who ever has skipped classes will do badly in exams because they didn’t attend lectures. Why make life miserable for students? Being in a university, one also has responsibilities on his shoulders. He might have to take up a part-time job that can cause him to skip classes and he can cover it up later to prepare for exams. But what’s the point of all this hard work when the university won’t dignify his efforts just because he didn’t show up in the class. Isn’t it daftness?

Another excruciating part of university is going through the admin. Even if you’ve to get a form verified or attested for a change of department or for withdrawal of your own documents or for any other reason, you’ve to go through an agonizing labyrinth consisting of peons and clerks and office representatives and the administration.

They make a simple process so much painful that in the end when the process finally ends, one can only utter curse on the administration. Why can’t there be a one stop solution for all the queries? Why a student has to buy a form, get in endorsed from the department, then go to administration, then to office to submit it and if they point an error, repeat.

Life becomes miserable when one has to deal with all this stuff. University is meant to be the final learning place for an individual after which he’ll be stepping in practical life. So please, focus on curriculum so that the productive can be a useful one for the county. Don’t push a student to limit so much, let him focus on studies. Administration, you’re paid from our fees. You’re there to make life easy for us, not to deliberately make it hell for us. Please ponder.

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