What! Wikipedia Had Confirmed Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide Hours Before His Death

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The death of Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput has been grabbing headlines ever since he committed suicide. There has been a lot of rumors and theories about his tragic death. However, the latest one is shocking!

It has been revealed that the actor’s Wikipedia page updated about his death at 8.59 am while the police found him dead at 12.30 pm on June 14, 2020. Wikipedia revealed the actor’s death even before it actually happened. Yes, you heard that right.

According to the police, Sushant ended his life by suicide post 10 am in the morning and according to the screenshots now going viral on Twitter, his page was updated at 8:59 am with the news of his death.

A fan tweeted, “How this can be possible? According to police Sushant Singh talked to his sister at 9 am, and on Wikipedia someone updated at 8:59 am that he committed suicide!! How is this possible?”. The late actor’s fans have even shared the IP address through which Sushant’s Wikipedia page was updated much before his death.

Foul play in Sushant’s death?

While the final postmortem and viscera reports have confirmed that SSR died due to asphyxia by hanging, his ardent fans are still speculating some foul play in his death.

However, some people also come up with a sensible conclusion that maybe the page was updated by a Delhi based user at 8:59 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, which Wikipedia uses) instead of IST (Indian Standard Time) which is five and a half hours behind. So in India, it means the page was updated at 2:29 pm.

The actor was found hanging in his Bandra apartment. No suicide note was found at his home which raised many questions. Police are still investigating his case. Sushant’s suicide has sprung up many discussions surrounding mental health awareness.

The late actor’s family has already denied the suicide claim. However, his staff has shared that Sushant was very stressed and disturbed for the past 10 days. The staff also stated that he had been not feeling well for the last 3 days. He stopped talking to anyone and told the staff that he would not be able to pay the salaries of his housekeeper and cooks.


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