Sri Lankan Commentator Russel Arnold Shows Love For Biryani In Karachi

Arnold Russel Biryani

Pakistan has always been globally famous for its diverse culture, taste-bud satisfying delicacies and of course, Biryani. Apparently, the recent ongoing Pakistan VS Sri Lanka Test Series in the country-wide stadiums have all cricket fans thrilled with excitement. Among the matches, former Sri Lankan cricketer and now a commentator Russel Arnold’s show of eternal love for Pakistani biryani went viral on the internet.

Sri Lanka’s Russel Arnold showcases his love for Pakistani biryani!

There’s no doubt that the hospitality and tasty food Pakistan offers can not be found anywhere in the whole world. Reviving its reputation in terms of security, the Pakistan VS Sri Lanka Test Series brought cricket home after 10 years. However, ‘during-the-match’ snaps have recently revealed Sri Lankan commentator Russel Arnold’s fondness with Pakistani biryani.

Here’s what the Sri Lankan commentator tweeted!

Certainly, the ‘mouthful’ pictures of the Sri Lankan commentator are circulating on social media and Pakistani fans are in awe. Sharing his life-long favorite dish on Twitter, Russel Arnold, earlier, posted snaps having biryani along with the New Zealander Danny Morrison. Calling the biryani “Bohoth Mazedar” “Russel Arnold wrote, “Student Biryani on the Pre-match show #PAKvSL”.

Pakistan provides food suggestions for Russel Arnold!

As captioned by Arnold, the pre-match eating session was sponsored by the famous Pakistani food chain Student Biryani. Currently, Russel Arnold is commentating on today’s Pakistan VS Sri Lanka battle in national Stadium, Karachi. However, the commentator’s biryani pictures are gathering suggestive reactions from Pakistanis to make his stay more ‘home-like’.

Apparently, it’s true. Karachi’s standard of biryani is definitely par excellence!

Well, yes! Danny Morrison and Bazid Khan can sure make Russel Arnold’s Pakistan visit worthwhile!

Damn! That is some screenshot we got there!

Completely Pakistani!

Absolutely. The fire paan can be a good addition!

Well, it is evident that Pakistanis never back off from entertaining tourists and providing them their esteemed hospitality. Coming back to the two-match test series, the Pakistan cricket team seems to be in a compromising position on-ground. The rapid collapse in the batting line and not bold enough to hit the wicket bowling has the national squad in worry.

Sri Lankan cricket team’s dinner at Do Darya, Karachi!

Apart from the matches, the international commentators and cricketers are seen having a good time in the metropolis. Previously, the Sri Lankan cricket team arrived at the famous Kolachi restaurant at Do Darya for dinner. However, the perfect blend of spices and the delicious food made the squad say only praising things about the taste and the pictures were all over social media.

As per the schedule, the Sri Lankan team is playing their last test match of the series today in Karachi. Previously, the first match of the two-match test series happened in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium and the local police had revealed the traffic plan for the citizen’s ease. While Pakistani players might have been unable to perform against the opposing Sri Lankans on-pitch but the national food sure filled in.

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