Lahore-Based Company Creates ‘Splitter’ To Improve Ventilator’s Capacity

Lahore-Based Company Splitter

In order to help control the deadly coronavirus crisis, people from different parts of the world have come up with their innovations. Reportedly, the fatal disease has now affected more than 3,000 people in Pakistan and 50 have died.

Following the humanity trail, recently a local Pakistani firm has come up with a brilliant idea to provide help to up to four patients, simultaneously. A Lahore-based engineering company has created ‘splitter’ which can help multiple patients on a ventilator at a single time.

‘Splitter’ to be made available across Punjab hospitals

Alpha Rubber and Plastic Works has made the splitter in Lahore. The core work of the company is to manufacture auto parts, which is now trying to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Usama Usman, the head of Alpha Rubber and Plastic Works, aims to supply his firm’s creation in hospitals throughout Punjab.

Here’s what Usama Usman has to say

Garnering appreciation nationwide, Usama shared further details about the splitter while speaking a local media house. ”The part (splitter) is initially being manufactured by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) using the 3D printer technology which is a time-taking and costly procedure.,” he said.

Company manufacturing 1,000 ventilator connectors daily

Pakistan is currently under a partial lockdown, even then the company managed to do develop the splitter.

”Despite facing a lot of hurdles due to the prevailing lockdown in the country, his firm manufactured it on an emergency basis only in 72 hours through painstaking efforts”, Usama added.

Lahore-Based Company Splitter

Revealing the quantity manufactured for testing, Usman said that his firm was bailing out 1000 pieces every day. ”Now we (Alpha Rubber and Plastic Works) are manufacturing 1,000 ventilator connectors daily which are being supplied to various government and private hospitals in Punjab,” he said.

Health officials’ concerns over the ‘splitter’

However, the health officials are concerned over the creation because it is designed to share a single ventilator on multiple patients.

”The equipment should only be used in an emergency because the requirement of oxygen by a patient depends on his age and medical condition”, said Hamza Khalique of PITB’s tech incubator, Plan 9.

Lahore-Based Company Splitter

Further, he maintained, ”Keeping in mind worst-case scenario, we authorized its development. This technique could be used given the fact that the number of ventilators in the country is very low”.

Undoubtedly, the splitter can be of great help in the medical industry but safety precautions are also necessary. Last week, Abbott also unveiled its portable device that can detect coronavirus within 5 minutes while a group of students from Habib University also developed an application to control the fatal coronavirus. 


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