PM Imran Khan Will Conduct A Special CSS Exam To Fill 188 Vacant Posts This Year

CSS Exam second 2020

In the biggest and possibly best news of 2020. Prime Minister Imran Khan will now play his part in building the future of the bureaucracy of Pakistan by taking a special CSS exam. The exam will be seeking to fill 188 important vacancies in different caders of the Central Superior Service of Pakistan.

The news was announced on journalist Hamid Mir’s show by the Special Adviser to PM on Establishment Shahzad Arbab. He said that conventionally the CSS Exam would only be taken once a year. However, in a bid to fill the vacant posts, PM Imran Khan plans to conduct a special CSS exam to fill 188 vacant posts.

“When we saw the list, there were 188 vacant posts and the exam is only conducted once a year,” said the adviser on the Establishment.

Special CSS exam for 188 vacant posts

The plan is thought to be only for aspirants living in ‘underdeveloped areas’ of the country namely Balochistan, Sindh rural, KPK and FATA/GB. Shahzad Arbab went on to say that the CSS Exam is only conducted once a year. Thus, these posts only get carried forward without anyone doing to fill them.

PM Khan’s visionary thinking is a rare occurrence, but this time out, he has done justice to the claims. Shahzad went on to say that these quotas need to be filled. Which is why the government is going to conduct the exam later this year in November or December.

There are 49 posts for Balochistan, 41 for Sindh, 22 for KPK and 16 vacant posts for GB/FATA.

He went on to add the quota doesn’t move to other provinces, it just keeps rolling. So these vacant posts should be filled. There is a quota of minorities and women as well, so the 188 seats need to be filled.

“We have dealt with everything and everything else is also sorted. So, when things simmer down and this pandemic is handled, we will conduct the exam later this year in November or December God-willingly,” he added.

Aspirants need to start their preparations soon because this is a special chance.

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