Special CSS Exam 2020 – You Might Not Get Your Desired Group Even If You Pass The Exam

Special CSS Exam

Last night, the breaking news of PM Imran Khan conducting a ‘special CSS exam’ in 2020 to fill 188 vacancies, has sent waves in the aspirant circles of Pakistan. Only conducted once a year, this special CSS exam will give students from across the country a superb chance to make it big.

As per the details revealed, Balochistan is going to get the lion’s share of the quota, as they have 49 vacant posts being carried forward. As for Sindh, the province’s rural areas will be given 41 carried forward posts.

There will be 22 posts for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and an additional 16 to be filled by aspirants from GB/FATA. There was one thing that the Special Adviser on Establishment to PM, Shahzad Arbab, forgot to add initially.

A total number of 39 seats will be allocated to minorities in the quota for Punjab. However, Punjab will not be getting any additional seats in this particular ‘Special CSS exam’. Aspirants without knowledge on social media have been claiming foul as to why Punjab was not getting a share.

Let us explain why Punjab has been left out. Every year, a certain number of seats are allocated to a province. However, if the number of successful candidates does not pass the exam from a particular province, the seats are carried forward.

Quota system and carried forward vacancies

For example, Balochistan has 6% of the total quota in Federal positions – if they get 10 vacant seats in 2021, and only 7 candidates pass the exam, the rest 3 are carried forward. This is why the most underdeveloped province is getting the biggest share. Balochistan has 49 vacancies that need to be filled.

Additionally, it is very important for aspirants to know that they might not get their desired groups with this exam. Parhlo sought details into the matter and found out that groups such as PAS (Pakistan Administrative Service), FSP (Foreign Service of Pakistan), and PSP (Police Service of Pakistan) might be out of the league.

As the posts carried forward belong to unpicked groups such as PAAS (Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service), MLCG (Military Land & Cantonment Group), POSTG (Post Office), Railways, and others.

Thus, many aspirants have been thinking of not appearing in the exam, if an ‘attempt’ is counter. It is pertinent to add here that every aspirant of the Central Superior Service (CSS) gets 3 attempts to clear the exam, before reaching the upper limit of their age.

What do you think about this special CSS exam? Should an attempt be counted for this?

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