A Passenger Shows Sparks Allegedly Coming Out Of Kohat Express Train’s Toilet & This Is Dangerous!

Pakistan Railway Train, Kohat Express

Whenever any project is deployed, it requires maintenance. Especially when you are providing services to customers, it is one of the top priorities to make sure every operation is functioning and updated.

Pakistan has a poor history when it comes to maintaining the new ventures and projects they start. Since the money that requires to do so always found its way to their personal bank accounts.

Pakistan railway schemes, for example, were exposed by the passengers.

Pakistan Railway Trains Infested With Beg Bugs

Via Pakistan Railway Job

Videos were circulating showing below satisfactory conditions of Business Class cabins. Passengers reported of cockroaches crawling around and mattresses infested with bed bugs, causing much discomfort in their long-journey.

The situation soon became unbearable and passengers had to move out of their cabins and search for bug-free places. Sadly, the only option they could find was to sleep on the cold ground of the trains.

The services do not match the fee that was charged for First Class and one can only imagine how disgusting the condition of lower-class cabins might be. Leave it to the Pakistani management to bring corruption into any business possible. Top officials all the way down to a regular clerk is knee-deep into black money business.

Kohat Express has sparks coming out of its toilet.

Kohat Cantt

Via YouTube

This is the level of safety in Pakistan’s trains. Imagine you unknowingly without looking down sat there only to get your behind BBQ’d? No one would want that kind of an embarrassing experience.

According to Kohat Express, this train has been running ‘successfully’ and plays an important role. It must be generating tons of cash for it to be considered important but not enough to given a maintenance and quality check. What will it take for our people to work with honesty and with responsibility? Rail transport carrying thousands of passengers automatically places a large responsibility over the concerned personnel and teams to make sure nothing causes any danger to anyone’s life.

However, the greed of money trumps duty and honor. This is the case in every institution of Pakistan. They’d rather play with people’s life than lose the illegally attained money and invest them over maintenance.

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