Southern Cryonics Freezes its First Client, Patient 1

Southern Cryonics Freezes its First Client, Patient 1

A cryonics company in Australia, Southern Cryonics, has frozen its first client in the hope of reviving him, aged 80. The company calls it Patient 1.

Philip Rhode, the facility manager, called it a stressful job despite everything being ready. Philip, stated ”(it was) very stressful”, further adding“.That was what kept me awake for a week because there are several procedures to go through for different days”.

Philip recalled having many candidates available. The 80-year-old, however, was not on the list.

The company received a call from the deceased family a week ago. The company had all the equipment ready. He stated, “But still, it’s still a little bit different when you are doing a real case”.

The patient died on 12th May, with the process beginning and lasting for 10 hours.

The body temperature was brought to 6 degrees with ice bags, and the anti-freezing liquid was pumped into the body to preserve body cells and lower the body temperature.

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The body was wrapped in a sleeping bag and packed with dry ice, bringing the temperature down to minus 80 degrees.

The body shifted to the Southern Cryonics facility in Holdbrook.

Liquid nitrogen was used in the facility to bring the temperature further down to minus 200 degrees census, shifted in a vacuum chamber.

The total cost for the process amounted to $170,000, including medical fees.

Southern Cryonics facility at Holdbrook holds the capacity for 40 patients. The company aims to expand its space, with a rise in expected demand.

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