South Korean YouTuber Shares 5 Quranic Verses That Made Him Become A Muslim!

South Korean YouTuber Shares 5 Quranic Verses That Made Him Become A Muslim!

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South Korean YouTuber Daud Kim, who gained fame in Malaysia after converting to Islam, shares the five Quranic verses that made him Muslim.

Kim shares how he had a difficult time emotionally and mentally for several years before becoming a Muslim. However, as he read the Quran, he found comfort in it. It helped him cure his depression.

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1- “Allah is with you wherever you are.” (57:4)

“This is my favorite of favorites. I think the biggest reason for my depression was loneliness. The fear that people I love would leave me someday made me super depressed,” Kim expresses. “But I found this verse in Holy Quran and I felt like a light is shining in my life. The one who created me and the one who loves me. He always watches me and is always by my side. He never leaves me. I felt so much comfort here and also felt grateful. I decided to accept the journey that the Creator gives me. Wherever I go, I am never alone because Allah is always with me to guide me.”

2- “And do not lose hope, nor be sad.” (3:139)

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He talks about how he always thought of how ending his life would make everything easier until he came across this verse. “This verse embraced me and gave me the power to overcome this situation. After that, I thought everything is going to be okay. Don’t worry. Be happy. And I did dua every day to Allah even though I was not a Muslim. Since then, everything has been okay like a miracle. That is one of the reasons I have the belief”.

3- “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.” (2:286)

“Allah never gives us more trials than we can bear. Even Allah gives us the strength to overcome this,” says Kim. “Two years ago, my father lost his job, my brother was sick, and my sister was still young. There were many other personal problems but I didn’t give up. I knew that Allah only gives me the hardships that I can endure and started to work 12 hours a day and slept in school and started YouTube. I did what I could and when I overcame these problems, I believed that I could be a stronger person. The Holy Quran gives me a lot of power.”

4- “Indeed, after hardship there is ease.” (94:6)

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He continues, “Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes up, sometimes down. I think that is what makes like beautiful. Imagine just walking all the way through the flat ground. It is not fun. No matter how hard life is, the rainbow will come. In any situation, Allah watches us and blesses us”.

5- “They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners.” (8:30)

“This verse made me a Muslim,” Kim declares. “I thought I was the best planner of my life. I planned and I achieved. So I planned many things but when I failed, I felt depressed. Even if I was close to plan, the happiness was only a moment. It was not right. Reading this verse made me realize Allah has already made plans for me. I don’t need to be sad because I couldn’t achieve my personal goals or desires. Since I know this, my heart has been very peaceful.”

“If I have good intentions and faith in Allah, He will guide me. I don’t need to be stressed anymore,” he concludes.

Indeed, understanding the Holy Quran can make your life easier, and Islam is a peaceful religion!

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