Sourav Ganguly Speaks About Aamir Sohail’s Comments and It’s an Embarrassing Truth for Us

Recently, Aamir Sohail who holds a prominent reputation in Pakistan cricket lashed out with appalling comments over Pakistan’s successful run in the ICC Champions Trophy. Aamir Sohail laid stress that it was not the brilliance of our captain Sarfraz, neither the team’s performance that actually serves as the primary reason for them making it to the final. He hinted on “external forces”, possibly hinting towards corruption. Irrespective of whether he hinted towards match fixing or not, his criticism over Sarfraz hurt Pakistanis with a bad nerve.

No one agreed with Aamir Sohail. His comments seemed too bland and he rather looked like he has some personal agenda against Sarfraz Ahmed and company. People have expressed their sheer disappointment over his comments. Pakistanis continue to question his integrity and simply ask why our bygone players always have a bitter analysis? His comments went viral all over social media and it has been major news for a couple of days. Sourav Ganguly also came to regard the incident when asked about it.

This is what Sourav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh had to say about Aamir Sohail’s comments

This account is what Sourav Ganguly said and it’s exactly the sentiment of all Pakistanis who are disgusted by Aamir Sohail’s comments:

It must be stupid… ridiculous. You know somebody who has played the game for the country and captained should be appreciating the way they’ve come to the final. You know, what system these boys get in that part of the world? Nothing. You know, there’s no support; there’s no structure, no first class cricket. They don’t have any international cricket at their home, and (look) who they have beaten? South Africa, Sri Lanka, and England to get to the Champions Trophy final and I find it absolutely ridiculous. It shows of the poor culture, the poor taste and I know Aamir Sohail well. I met him the other day at the conference and he’s been a friend. But, he should not be doing all this.

The likes of Sarfraz and some of these boys are used to all this. It’s not the first time I’m hearing this and how can Pakistan influence their qualification into a final?

Next was Harbhajan Sigh who makes a lot of sense…

That’s very wrong, you know. If it’s coming from someone like who has played that long and captained. I am sure he’s one of the respected cricketers in Pakistan. If you say such stuff, you don’t respect your own team. I mean obviously, in the end you’re gonna lose respect. I think this shouldn’t have been done by him, not a right thing for Pakistan cricket. And of course, you should encourage the team and wish them well for the final. Not these kind of stupid things and say this is done due to match fixing.

There’s no evidence. It’s just talk. I’m sure these guys are jealous because you know they thought Pakistan won’t reach that far. That’s fine, even I thought they will not this far. They would never commend their performance. All these boys, they have worked really hard to reach the final and I feel so bad ahen people work so hard and your ex captains and ex players speak really bad about the team.

 They both speak the bitter truth here. We all can completely agree with them. All the reason why Aamir Sohail’s comments are irrelevant and absolutely wrong. It’s also embarrassing that our arch rivals could talk such sense, why our pro-Pakistanis couldn’t? Let’s wish the boys in Green a great luck ahead of the final against India on Sunday. Hope they prove the haters wrong!

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