The Pop Vs Rock Debate Has Triggered So Many Pakistanis Aur Sab Free Hi Hogaye!

It’s something you don’t get to see too often but it’s happening…

As Pakistanis, we take our music seriously and it’s something that unites everyone or let’s say, divides? Pakistan’s music industry, with time, has gained global recognition, and there are certain names that without a doubt, need no introduction. Their contributions to the music industry will live on for decades and will continue to influence, and inspire artists around the globe.

Something crazy took over social media and it has got everyone wondering and talking!

For those who missed out, the mother of all hashtags started a fiery debate and things got INTENSE!!



 So, what’s the hype all about? Is it all worth it?

The #PopVsRock debate caught the awaam’s attention on Twitter and people couldn’t hold back their thoughts!

This bandi is voting for Strings which means POP music!

She seems to love all types of music!

Love strings but Ali Azmat for life? Interesting!

While we were busy reading the tweets, all we could think about was, who’s actually winning the debate here? Pop or Rock? I guess it’s still too early to say…

But wait…

This isn’t all. As we said earlier, it’s not ending any time soon. One after the other, a new ‘video message’ pops up on our screens and it’s clearly about Pop vs Rock music…

How could we not mention the famous personalities who tried to jump in as well… Matlab kuch bhi?

Brands bhi active hogaye… just like begaani ki shaadi mein Abdullah deewana? Lol. Have a look at it, yourself!

Shuja Haider’s video response on the whole Pop vs Rock trend! Yeah, Shuja, we geddit. Wait. did ‘Cornetto’ just jump in? WHAAAAA?!

Zaruri tha?

And bhae, Umair Jaswal bhi agaye!

Kia hogaya hai sab ko?!

Want to fall off your chair?! Check this out!




But here’s the question: Do you think the Red Bull Music Soundclash will be the biggest music event in Pakistan?? Well, if it’s Ali Azmat and Strings, the two legends of the music industry, this seems to be something BIG and things sure seem to be getting intense! We just hope the hype is all worth it!

We might just have to wait and watch!

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