The Clash Between Ali Azmat And Strings Is Getting Pretty Serious And Like, What Is Going On?

So the pop vs rock tussle has been going on for quite some time now. And it all started on social media where people were seen supporting their respective music genres. And well, that’s when Ali Azmat and Strings became a part of it, too. Tbh, we had no idea of what the heck was actually going on until we saw THIS!!!


Wait for it…

Ali Azmat and Strings are KILLING it! OMG!

Omg! It all makes sense now! This teaser was INTENSE! *screams internally*. We can’t wait to witness the biggest, the most epic clash of #popvsrock as the two legends defend their genre!

Ali Azmat and Strings have their fans hooked… how long do we have to wait? *Crying*

The biggest SOUND CLASH of 2018!!

Ali Azmat tweeted as well!

This Sound Clash is going to be EVERYTHING!

Want to attend the biggest, the coolest, the most lit Sound Clash ever, by Redbull?! It’s time to buckle up!

If you want to be part of the biggest soundclash of 2018 and witness your favorite music legends, Ali Azmat and Strings singing it off, if you want to have the BEST musical experience in Pakistan, then now is the chance. Trust me, you need to be there or else, you’ll regret it for life! So, buy your tickets in advance before they sell out! The clash is going to take place on 8th December 2018 at Karachi Gymkhana! Yes, in Karachi…..


Are you planning to make it? Tag your friends and let them know. You surely don’t want to miss this. Hurry up and start tagging your friends here!


Don’t forget to grab your tickets beforehand!!

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