This Man Found His Soulmate On Twitter And People Can’t Take It!

twitter lovestory

A young couple in Lahore met on Twitter last year and they just got nikkahfied. A man, with the Twitter handle Tuadasultan, shared his story. According to him, the couple got engaged in the year 2019 after meeting on Twitter. However, in May this year, they had an intimate nikkah ceremony.

He shared his picture with his better-half, with the Twitter handle Faysefatima, without revealing more details about her. Soon after they reveal their Twitter love story, Twitteraties started commenting on their unique tale.

“We met in 2017 and introduced our families right away. But we were both graduates so it took 2 years for us to get engaged. Then our wedding was supposed to take place in October 2020 but due to COVID-19 we decided to have a simple Nikah at my place until things get better,” the bride said.

Many people are also amazed by this union, while many also sending them good wishes for their future.

#WeMetonTwitter is an old trend that keeps trending every now and then. Couples shares how this social media forum helped them meet their better halves.

Earlier this year, an 18-year-old Pakistani couple Asad and Nimra became a target of online criticism after their wedding pictures started circulating on the internet. The couple is also a social media sensation now.

At first, both Asad and Nimra didn’t have any quick plans for marriage but their grown love couldn’t hold them apart for long. However, it turned out that Asad’s parents were all positive about the decision and supported the couple in every way.


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