The Sooper Junoon Concert Was An Absolute Hit With Karachiites And The Night Was Extremely Power-Packed!

25th December 2018 will definitely be etched in people’s memories for years to come. The hype leading up to the big day was almost palpable as every Karachiite eagerly waited for the day they would get to see their music icons live on stage!

What was it?!

Junoon reunited after 13 long years!! And we have all the details!

Peek Freans Sooper helped arrange the musical event to celebrate the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam as well as Junoon’s 30 years of music. Needless to say, the event was absolutely lit and we could easily tell by the loud cheers that the audience were having one hell of a time!

Also, let’s not forget Peek Freans’ thoughtful gesture of arranging an unprecedented “Pink Circle” exclusively for the ladies! There is absolutely no doubt that we’re ‘sooper’ glad the trend of live music and concerts is making a comeback! Woohoo!

But, wait! There’s more! On such an amazing night, how can there not be these celebs?!

Ali Rehman spotted!

Ali Rehman, Hareem Farooq and Deepak Perwani!

Beautiful Hajra Yamin!

Ayesha and Ainy!

The opening acts were spectacular! For those missed out, get ready to experience some major fomo!

For a band like Junoon, the opening acts are bound to be magnificent! Lyari Underground, Khumaariyan, Tamasha and Sounds of Kolachi blew everyone away with their music and man were they pumped and full of energy!

Junoon’s epic performance after 13 years!

Finally, it was time for Junoon! They took everyone’s breath away with their power-packed performance which was paired with crazy L.E.D graphics and animations playing on humongous screens placed right next to the stage. Junoon began with a tribute to the Father of the Nation and then launched straight into a playlist of some of their greatest hits including Khudi’, ‘Sayoonee’, ‘Saaien’ and so many more!

An emotional tribute to late Junaid Jamshed!

This was perhaps the highlight of the night! Salman and Ali decided to go a little off-script and perform ‘Wish You Were Here’ by the legendary band, Pink Floyd. Junoon then came together to pay tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed with a beautiful rendition of the classic hit, ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ which left everyone teary-eyed! Yes, it was THAT intense!

In a nutshell, it was mind-blowing!

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