Old Man Who Was Beaten By Sons For Going To Hajj Gets Instant Justice As Police Arrests His Barbaric Sons!

Recently, a case from Pakistan’s Moro area in Sindh came up on social media. A father was brutally beaten by his two sons for money that he has saved up for his Hajj, sources say. The video of the vicious act went viral over the internet and people can’t stop cursing the cold-blooded sons. In the video, it can clearly be seen how badly the old man was beaten and the helplessness in his attitude is heart-wrenching.

This is the heart-wrenching video of the helpless father!

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According to recent reports, both the sons have been arrested by the local police and the old man has been shifted to a hospital in Nawabshah. The father is receiving medical aid in the hospital while his so-called sons are put behind bars. The awaam is demanding severe punishment for the sons and prayers are with the father that he recovers soon. No parent deserves to be treated like this EVER! No matter what the circumstances or situation be, every parent deserves love and support from his children at times of need.

Allah sab ko hidayat de (Ameen)!

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