Pakistani Dhinchak Pooja? Song ‘Machli Wale Babu’ Sparks Cringefest On The Internet

machli wale babu

We all know that the making of hilarious songs is definitely not a gaffe and the whopping amount of views on such YouTube music videos proves this point. A Pakistani version of Dhinchak Pooja, Sidra Khani, just dropped her song Machli Wale Banu, and the Internet cannot stop cringing!

Falling into the mass grave of cringe pop culture phenomena shows that self-promotion has no limits. A new cringe pop singer has emerged in our music industry, and it would suffice to say that her song is not only an epitome of disastrous video with bad production quality, and horrible sound but also terrible lyrics and completely off-tune music.  

Source: YouTube

This idea of cringe pop only thrives on the brand of reluctant yet obsessive participation through which a song that makes zero sense, ends up acquiring so much recognition solely because of the endless chatter around its abject awfulness. Such songs are often described as being so bad that you just cannot stop watching them.

Copying the Indian song DJ Waley Babu, the grooviest party anthem by the renowned rapper Badshah and Aastha Gill, a new Pakistani cringe singer Khani came up with her own song called Machli Wale Babu.

The music video begins with a few girls standing next to a stall of fish, asking a man to fry a fish for them. You can watch the rest by yourself. But just a heads up – the cringe will be too overwhelming.

Here is the video

Complete with a repetitive beat and some tone-deaf singing tinged with extreme confidence, the video is making rounds on social media.

We have come across some interesting comments on Twitter which has left us spellbound. Many songs have garnered cringe-worthy memes and witty reactions in the past. However, this one seems to stand out in the world of cringe pop among other notable luminaries.

Twittersphere cannot digest the cringefest

Well, when it comes down to debating the merits of ‘good catchy songs’, some singers surely don’t ride in the same boat. The pioneer of this cringe pop is none other than our very own Taher Shah. His deathless lyrics and rather unintentionally comical setting of the video entertained many and irked few. However, his instant fame seems to have inspired many.

In fact, did you know that after the groundbreaking success of his new single ‘Angel‘, the message of peace also reached the global humanitarian organization?

Some people really do not care for our eyes and ears. Just recently, some naatkhwans released their video of turning thepawri horahi hai’ into a naat and yes, it was super cringy!

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