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Pakistanis Taught This Indian Woman a Good Lesson after Her Anti-Pakistan Tweet Went Viral

Pakistanis Taught This Indian Woman a Good Lesson after Her Anti-Pakistan Tweet Went Viral

A popular Twitter profile, Sonam Mahajan, who works as a national activist in India has caught our attention. While it is largely claimed that this woman raises her voice over socio-political issues circulating in India, she rather spends most of her time bashing Pakistan and our people in particular. Don’t believe? Just scroll down to a few posts on her Twitter timeline.

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Just a couple of days ago, a Tweet by Sonam Mahajan went viral. She lodged her unrelenting hate over Pakistan in the relevant tweet. This woman’s consistency in spreading hate is quite baffling and this time, people did not spare her at all.

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Just another time when this Indian woman took a new low…

Cannot decide whether to laugh hysterically or feel sorry at her miserable mental state? Let’s choose to laugh about it. Pakistanis are making sure we do. Soon after it was Tweeted by Sonam Mahajan, people flocked with insane reactions that you cannot, cannot miss!

Pakistanis made sure she regrets ever Tweeting such hatred in public

Right in the face


Not drugs. Not drugs.

How can we forget?


And the winner is

Such hate is highly inappropriate no matter who you are. She does not realize that many decent Indians are also condemning her statement and wish she stops spreading hate about Pakistan.

Well, guys, we had a good laugh! Who cares what Ms. Nobody has to say, right?

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