Sonam Kapoor Wished Fawad Khan Birthday and the Indians, Well, They Weren't Happy At All

Sonam Kapoor Wished Fawad Khan Birthday and the Indians, Well, They Weren’t Happy At All

Indians never chill when it comes to Pakistan and its citizens. Despite how great of a performance Pakistani entertainers have given, due to the rooted hatred between the two nations, it spreads among the citizens as well. In the recent names of Pakistani entertainers who have worked in India, Fawad Khan’s name outshines every other name.

In a short period of time, Fawad Khan gained a lot of recognition in India, soon after making his Bollywood debut against Sonam Kapoor in the film Khubsorat.

Based on his charming looks and great acting skills, even Sonam Kapoor was head over heels like many Pakistanis and Indians.

To Honor their On Screen and Off Screen Relationship, Sonam Kapoor Wished Co-Star Fawad Khan All the Best Wishes on his Birthday

To actress wished Fawad Khan on her Twitter!

Ignoring the work Fawad Khan has done in India as an entertainer, the Indians started reminding Sonam Kapoor of the Uri and other political attacks on India, blaming Pakistan for it.

*Slow Claps*

We’d Love to See that Happen One Day, Unlike You People!

There Were Some Sane Ones Too

It is just upsetting to see how the locals target the celebs who are just valuing their profession over their political controversial interests.

The actress Sonam Kapoor just wished her former co-star birthday and doesn’t matter where he belongs from – what matters is how they perform in their profession, but the extremist state otherwise.

And obviously, resisting Fawad Khan is extremely difficult, hehe.

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