Son Shares Father’s Heartbreaking Messages Moments Before His Death

Son Shares Father's Heartbreaking Messages Moments Before His Death

Parents are a blessing children often take for granted. We never realize their true value until we lose them. Similarly, a son took to twitter to share his last interaction with his father moments before he passed away.

Recently, a son took to twitter to share his remorse over spending little time with his father after his untimely demise.

He shared a picture on twitter which shows his father’s last messages towards him.

Don’t ever take your dads for granted one day they won’t be there. Below are [sic] my dad’s last messages he sent me whilst in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.” he wrote

Further, he wrote, “Make these times count now before you start crying over their last texts to you knowing they not coming back.”

He also said that his father passed away a while ago, but he recently came across these unsent messages when he switched on his phone many days after his funeral.

His heartbreaking Tweet garnered a lot of attention on twitter and many shared similar stories of losing a loving parent.

Twitteraties react on the heartbreaking photo

Losing a parent is never easy. Especially if the departure was an untimely and sudden one. Situations like these remind us how important parents truly are in our lives.

May Allah grant all the parents health and long life. AMEEN.


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