Man Beats Mother For Money – Sister Appeals Authorities For Justice After Video Went Viral

Zoobia Mir mother

Brutality has indeed crossed all lines. The search for money makes people do horrendous and inhumane things. However, a brutal incident occurred in Rawalpindi, where a man beats his own mother, for the sake of money. What is more devastating is how he has no remorse or guilt over doing so.

The man, Arsalan, and his wife are involved in causing physical abuse to their entire family for the sake of money.

After the video went viral on social media, as Arsalan’s sister, Zoobia Meer, recorded the whole incident on her phone, while he was beating her and their mother; initially, the police took Arsalan with them but soon he was let out.

Provided with the issue of bribe and money seems to be a getaway ticket in Pakistan; Arsalan was let out and both he and his wife are nowhere to be found as of yet.

Zoobia Meer raises her voice for justice

Meer has appealed to the public for justice for her mother. She mentions that due to the harsh behavior and abuse, her mother even fainted and both daughter and mother were rescued by the neighbors.

Even poor Meer was beaten with a ‘wiper’. She pleads to all that are hearing her voice to stand up for her and help her get justice for her mother.

However, after a lot of criticism, the police department of Rawalpindi has finally registered the case and it has also mentioned that although Arsalan and his wife have fled after subjecting their family to the beating, they will be brought to justice for their inhumane act, within no time. Hence, now an FIR is registered.

CM Punjab took notice of the case

Above all, we completely condemn this horrifying incident and hope that this poor girl Zoobia Meer gets the justice she deserves. In addition, the CM of Punjab has also taken notice of this case. Let’s hope both brother and sister-in-law are caught and justice prevails for this family.

He is also asking the police officials to provide him with a complete report of the incident as soon as possible and to make sure that strict action is taking place.

WARNING Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to the poor mother, her daughter-in-law is mentally ill and tries to make sure that her husband stays outdoors. Pakistani celebrities are also shocked and heartbroken the way this man has thrashed his mother.

In the end, let’s just hope that these abusers are caught and justice prevails, in Pakistan for this act of inhumane and brutality.

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