Meet Syed Tauseef - A Caring Son Who Donated His Liver To Save His Mother's Life

Meet Syed Tauseef – A Caring Son Who Donated His Liver To Save His Mother’s Life

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The world might be going through a pandemic but that does not mean other health issues have vanished from the face of the earth. A story from Gambat, Sindh, has been going viral on social media because of a son’s love for his mother.

Meet Syed Tauseef Shah, a valiant son who donated a part of his liver to his dear mother. The successful surgery was performed at the Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, a hospital that performs liver transplants for free.

This is what Syed Tauseef Shah had to say after donating his liver to his ailing mother.

gambat son mother liver

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Tauseef’s heartfelt words after the surgery

“Ever since my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, I and my family were in great distraught. It was about the time when it got worse and the doctors advised us for a liver transplant, to which we agreed. I couldn’t think of a better way to be there for my mother than to be her donor rather than finding her one.

It was now the situation when our lives weren’t guaranteed and I am very much relieved that I chose Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences which provided us with the finest care and devoted staff.
After spending 5 months in Gambat city, and after facing all the “post-transplant” consequences. And my mom are fine now by the grace of Almighty Allah.
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Source: facebook

A big shoutout to Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Raheem Bux Bhatti, founder of this institute, Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar, Liver transplant surgeon, and his team. Big shoutout for INFAQ FOUNDATION as well. Thank you.”

Syed Tauseef’s donation to his mother is living proof that there is nothing more important than family. When it comes to our mothers, we know that we would be willing to go to any extent to protect them.
However, even today, thousands of mothers are left at old homes by their children, who don’t want to carry their bags and baggage. These heartless children leave their ailing parents at the mercy of others, while they enjoy their lives with their families.
At times like these, Syed Tauseef’s selfless act proves that even today, there are children who value their parents over life itself. We wish the mother-son duo the best of health and best of luck to the GIMS team. Previously, a young student Aziz Raisani also donated his liver to save his mother’s life.
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