Somewhere In The World – [A Slam Poem]

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The greatest lessons you learn are not the one you learn through text books

But the greatest lessons you’ll ever learn are the ones nobody will every tell you

Somewhere in the world, is a girl staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror

Is the same girl who was bullied for the crooked nose and pale skin for a half of an hour?

Somewhere in the world was a girl buying a thousand dollars dress for her wedding

Is the same girl who filed a complaint against domestic violence three month later

Somewhere in the world a girl is killed for rejecting a prom date, a boy is called queer for not dating, whereas somewhere in the world there’s a girl not allowed to step out of her house, and there’s a boy who gets late to school because he’s doing night shifts

But it’s funny how there are awards for full attendance but not for  keeping your family off the streets

Somewhere for the lust of money, we’ve forgotten our roots

We’ve forgotten that we stand on the bones of our ancestors, on the bones of dead soldiers, on the bones of the fighters.

Somewhere in the world there’s a boy holding a gun, and there’s a boy holding a book

But the States banned only one because it contained F word more than once

You never told us what we weren’t allowed to say. We just learned how to hold our tongues.

The rape word  is prohibited because we’re not allowed to talk about explicit stuff in school. We are taught that just because something happens doesn’t mean we are to talk about it

What are you doing with this pen? Why are you writing rebellious poems? Lower your gaze, shut your eyes, stand straight, hands align. You are a girl don’t stay out late, you are a boy, keep away.

Elders never fail, you do. Teachers are always right, what about you?

Everywhere in the world,

The greatest lessons are the ones you won’t even remember teaching us


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