Someone Tried Selling Pakistan Cricket Team After Their Loss Against Bangladesh And It’s Freakin’ Hilarious!

Asia cup was a disappointment. Well, only for Pakistani team. Asia cup had brought some hope when it started, every Pakistani woke up with a glimmer in their eyes; which showed that MAYBE MAYBE we will win this Asia cup! But many people by looking at the algorithm said that chances are India will win this Asia Cup, since last Aisa Cup was won by Pakistan and before that India got the cup, so…

Par bili k khuwab mein chichray?!

After the ugly defeat from the Indian team, Pakistani team was severely trolled but nobody knew that Pakistan will face some more zillat in coming time. Yesterday, after the tiring work day, people started catching up with the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the midst of the match, everyone knew that Pakistan sy na hopae ga! AND we severely lost the match.

People on the internet did not leave any stone unturned in trolling the Pakistani team!

Aise kaisa bhai sahbbb!


LOL! Cause East Pakistan Mayynnnn


Dammnn son! Soo rupay? bas?

Matlab k had he hogae

Chalo someone at least had some decency to raise the prices from 100 to 1000


Hell! Troll at it’s best 😀

Amidst the Pak vs Ban many Pakistani team supporters pre-typed their statuses as “Tum Jeeto Ya Haro”. Dil chota nae karty! Winning and losing is a part of the game. But that mery do do baap meme won the internet! HAHAH 😀

Chal putar koi gal nae, agli bar sahi. Cheers. 😉

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