Someone Spotted Virat Kohli’s Doppelganger Making Pizza In Pakistan And Everyone Is Surprised!

When it comes to coming across someone’s lookalike, it is something which always, always fascinates us. Seeing a local carbon copy version of a famous personality in our own locality fascinates us all.

Remember When We Found Ranvir Singh’s Lookalike?

And Then There’s Messi’s Lookalike In Iran Too

It said that every person has at least 6 lookalikes present in this world. Perhaps finding a doppelganger is not as difficult as one thought it would be, right? Especially with the power of the internet, the lookalikes come out and share their similar physical features often. We found another doppelganger and this time, it is of the Indian batsman Virat Kohli!

Someone Spotted Virat Kohli’s Lookalike In Dominos!

Facebook: Just Pakistani Things

We Couldn’t Catch His Complete Look But He Definitely Shares Some Resemblance

Facebook: Just Pakistani Things

They even have the same style of beard!!!

Here’s The Video Which Was Shared After Spotting The Lookalike At A Local Pizza Parlour

The Reaction of Pakistanis Is Absolutely Perfect!


Oh, Anushka Sharma’s lookalike was spotted a few months back on Jeeto Pakistan.

Safe to say, the couple has their lookalikes in Pakistan. Coincidence? I think not…

Hardworking Kohli!

If anyone knows where this guy is and how we can get in touch with him, we’d love to know and talk to him about how he looks like one of the best cricketers of today’s era!

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