Someone Just Called Iconic Shazia Manzoor ‘Some Auntie’ & Pakistanis Are Going Crazy

shazia manzoor some auntie

In an effort to educate Gen Z about a living legend, Twitter users took up the task on Wednesday. It all started when someone shared a TikTok video featuring a woman who hummed to Lamborghini Chalai Janey O, a famous Punjabi tappa tune while stepping out of a Lamborghini.

“Imagine you’re trying to do your rukhsati but you get outside and see some auntie doing this at your car,” wrote the Twitter user as he tried to sound funny. The woman in the video was none other than iconic singer Shazia Manzoor. 

Take a look at it:

The tweet, subsequently, hit a raw nerve as the Pakistani Twittersphere went on to school the user about ‘some auntie’ he had mentioned earlier. Many took a dig at the original user who tweeted. 

“The fact that Shazia Manzoor looks exactly the same since the 90s and just did this absolute boss move with this car makes this an especially ridiculous tweet. He just discovered about Shazia Manzoor. Under which rock was he living before?” wrote a user.

“Dude I’m so much disappointed by this,” said another user. “She is a dream to meet, how yummy her music is, how unique how impossible it is to find another Shazia Manzoor. Let me introduce her to everyone and let’s remember her glory.”

One user added, “Some auntie? Put respect on Miss Manzoor’s name.”

 “So embarrassing knowing our Pakistani brother does not know Shazia Mansoor. Our generation is a mess, praying Allah guides us,” a user quipped.

“Oh my god, Shazia Manzoor on TikTok is the wholesomest. I wasn’t ready for this,” commented another user.

It would suffice to say that there was no end in sight to the reactions to the guy’s lack of knowledge about a living legend. The trolling drove him to apologize formally.

Formal apology for not knowing about Shazia Manzoor

“I’d like to formally apologize to Pakistani Twitter for not knowing about Shazia Mansoor,” the user took a dig. “To make up for it, I’ll be making myself and my wife (who was also disappointed in me) listen to her music on repeat. I’ll get back to y’all when I know her songs by heart.”

Meanwhile, many did not know how active the veteran singer has been on TikTok. With over 27,000 followers, the Chan Mere Makhna crooner has been sharing glimpses of what she has been up to.

From tours to impromptu jamming sessions, Manzoor has been treating her fans with a number of videos. Her TikTok account just might be the best thing we have seen as of late!

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