Some Serious Issues In the Computer Science Department of FC College that No One Is Addressing

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Every year 10% fee is increased but the quality of education of the computer science department is at a decline. No measures are being taken by the administration to improve and cater all of these problems even though there is an annual surge in the fee. We would have compromised all of these problems if it was a government university with a negligible fee, but paying millions of rupees annually we cannot tolerate this corrupted system.

We wish to remain anonymous keeping in view the case of Wali Khan. Please highlight this issue for the betterment of the higher education in Pakistan and to solve this issue.

Email sent to the rector of FC College by us.

Dear Dr. James A. Tebbe,

Hope you are in the best of health and spirits. We are writing this email to request you to take notice of the shortcomings in the computer science department of FCCU.


1. The number of instructors is very low. Teacher to student ratio is very less.

2. Labs are not conducted in programming intensive and practical courses. Rote learning in courses is at its peak.

3. Most teachers take students for granted and are not even prepared well. They don’t even plan the semester.

4. Even though our faculty is qualified, most of the instructors just read from the slides/textbook, without giving their own insight about the topic.

5. There is no research environment. For that, we need more PhDs.

6. The projector screen is very small in the computer labs. So most students have difficulty viewing the screen.

7. Instructor office hours are useless and futile because of unavailability and long lunch/tea breaks.

8. Recitations should be arranged for the courses. For that, we need to be paid teacher assistants; among the students.

9. There are no strict department rules. Prerequisites for the courses are exempted easily.

10. While grading, instructors try their hardest to maintain a normal standard deviation and trend in the distribution of grades without considering class performance to satisfy the department board.

11. During the semester, instructors are only worried about their faculty evaluation and rating.

12. CS department is just a dummy department, which is pretending to follow NCEAC guidelines just to remain accredited. No real learning and knowledge is being imparted to the students.


1. Please hire more faculty/PhDs, as now Dr. Sarmad Abbasi has left and an evening MS program has been started. Students are increasing in the CS department.

2. Have a strict check and balance on the instructors and department affairs.

3. Labs and hands-on practice should be increased for practical courses.

4. Students should be encouraged to do research and pursue MS and Ph.D.

5. Change the projectors in the computer labs and increase their screen size. Projectors are obsolete and blur.

6. Please start recitations and teacher assistant culture.

7. Instructors are given undue and bulk of courses which affects their performance.

8. Please give surprise visits during classes to maintain the quality of teaching.

9. Make sure that teachers plan together what they will be going to teach in the coming semester.


I know it will take the time to correct all of these problems. But Sir, you could at least take a start from the least. We believe in you Sir Dr. James A. Tebbe because you have the most exposure. You are the most competent and a bright international educationist of Pakistan. Your credentials speak for yourself. Please ponder on these points and make and help FCCU CS department reach its true potential.

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