Summer Is Here And Here’s Why Pakistanis Need To Start Applying Body-Sprays And Perfumes!

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It’s about time this issue needs to be addressed on social media. I have been living in Pakistan for a few years. When I used to attend college, I noticed a great number of girls who carried this really musty and bad body odor.

At first, I thought the “smell” was coming from somewhere else, as you know Pakistan, in general, isn’t really one of the “cleanest countries”. But coming to the point, I slowly began to realize girls don’t wear DEODORANT or use antiperspirants.


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OMG, it is was extremely shocking and an unusual thing to learn. I assumed everyone before attending school, college, going to public places, better yet. LEAVING THEIR HOMES would apply something that will make them smell nice. But I was wrong!

Girls and boys reading this post… I URGE you to please start buying a deodorant sticks for your daily use!


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Just like brushing your teeth day and night (which I know some of you don’t do either) is important, this TOO is very essential. It really doesn’t cost much and you can carry it in your bag too. That “perfume” you apply in the morning isn’t enough and won’t last you the whole day or even half of the day.


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It will wear off and soon enough the person sitting right next to you will be able to smell your unpleasant body odor and won’t be able to breathe properly! Especially girls who sit in a van all cramped together coming back from school/college/work all sweaty and stinky.

I do not have the power to tell my friends directly about this issue because I know they would be very ashamed and embarrassed to even hear may even end friendships. But if this article goes around, maybe people will start realizing the importance of personal hygiene.


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Please maintain high levels of cleanliness. Wear clean clothes, take frequent showers, apply body deodorants, use antibacterial soap, etc. Come on, please grow up, take care of yourself and spare some mercy for others around you!

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