How Sunday’s Solar Eclipse Will Impact You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

solar eclipse horoscope 2020

The year 2020 has been a complete roller coaster for everyone around the globe. From the deadly coronavirus to the earth-shattering earthquakes, to expected asteroids hitting the earth, it seems that Planet Earth is going through a major crisis.

What’s new about this solar eclipse?

However, as if the only thing left, was a change in the stars, a solar eclipse is expected on June 21, 2020. Some of the most common aspects that you should keep in mind are:

  • Don’t look at the eclipse directly.
  • This solar eclipse on 21st June 2020, is also on the longest day of the world.
  • It will be for 7.5 minutes.
  • In a year, there can be about 5 solar eclipses in total.

The interesting thing is, not only is nature affected by this blockade of celestial bodies, no! Every individual and their lives are also brought into the mix. For instance, let’s take the zodiac signs into perspective. Did you know, that each star tends to be impacted by the solar eclipse?

Many tarot card readers are pointing out, we might not have seen the worst or best of 2020 as of yet. Here is how the solar eclipse is likely going to affect you.

Fire Signs


For all the Aries out there. Let’s hope you all don’t get into any kind of argument, and well keep that explosive yet dominating anger of yours at bay. This solar eclipse is most likely to impact you rather negatively, so just a heads up,  stay from arguments and fights, the rest you are going to be just fine.

solar eclipse horoscope zodiac sign

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Hip Hip Hurrah! Leos are about to get a 360 degrees positive turn. That’s right our lions and lionesses out there are about to get the good news they are most likely waiting for. Note it, there is a chance, you might get promoted or wealthy real quick.


Tune out all the negative thoughts that have hampered your emotions. The solar eclipse is going to awaken a spiritual awakening within you. Don’t doubt it. Follow it.

Earth Signs

solar eclipse horoscope zodiac sign

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Count your lucky stars, cause your life is going to be a blast post solar eclipse. There is also a chance that you may receive good news. However, a fair suggestion, just consume loads and loads of water and liquids to keep yourself hydrated. Opt for some time on meditation also.


If you are a wanderer at heart, who wishes to travel each crook and cranny of the world. This is your time, just after the solar eclipse, the world will welcome you to explore its secrets, maybe you might get a chance to settle abroad.


To all Capricorns. Your own body is your own safe haven. Take care of it. Eat good and exercise.

Water Signs


For the emotional and patient cancer, all we can say is, it’s going to be okay. For many who have been silently suffering, life can be a bit more tumultuous, but just take a breath and keep moving forward, but all good will be yours real soon. The path may seem difficult now, but you will for sure get all that you had hoped for in the end and real soon.

solar eclipse horoscope zodiac sign

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Scorpios the world after the solar eclipse is going to be your oyster. Travel, explore, and grow. This is going to be your motto. What’s more, you might even acquire a new place or move to a destination that you have been wishing for a long time.


Lastly, to all the Pisces out there. This is the moment you have been waiting for. A lot of good news is coming your way. Just a piece of fair advice. Balance family and work for a more prosperous year ahead.

Air Signs

solar eclipse horoscope zodiac sign

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Cheers! All Geminis are about to turn into monopoly winners. Tarot Card readers and astrologists believe, many property related issues are likely going to be resolved after the solar eclipse on 21st June 2020.


It is about time that you add up a few skills in your personality. Remember confidence is your strongest pursuit, it is time for you to let go of your shyness and shine.


Always remember patience is a virtue. Things might go for the worse turn. But remember that Allah is watching and have faith in him.

Are you excited about the annular eclipse happening tomorrow now? All we can hope for is that the rest of the six months are not as bad, as the intermission was.


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