Societal Rights Of Animals: Presently Being Neglected

animal rights

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This article was originally submitted by Komal Ishtiaq

All around the globe, there are different nations who preserve the rights of animals. As indispensable as other beings, if we put a precise figure we come to know that there are about 50 countries; in which we find the proper legislation for the animals i.e animals have been given proper care and treatment. There are different sanatoria and foundations; where these animals are looked after and people at the present getting training; to deal with the animals in an upright way, not being barbarous to them.

There are billions of animals that need unusual care, therefore, the governments in these countries have taken aid; from the Animal Protection Index, in order to develop a road map to reach these animals and provide them aid; which is quite necessary for them. Not only governments but non-profit establishments; that have been developed for the animals are also equally playing their role; in preserving the rights of the helpless animals. But the question is how our country, Pakistan is instigating the laws that API (Animal Protection Index) has given; for the protection of the animal rights, in actual.

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Though let me mention some of the laws here first in order to explain my point.

According to Act (1890), many substantial rights have been allocated to animals; regarding the slaughtering, food and nourishment and being civil towards them, but there is something; that has not been mentioned in these laws previously. Therefore, currently, additions have been made in these legislations i-e in 2014. It has been considered that animals feel the same intensity of pain; so they need to be dealt with caution and protection; whether in zoos, on the roads or in animal centres. 2015’s Hilal Authority Act clearly states that if one animal; is being slaughtered, no other animal saw the animal being slaughtered.

But animals in our society are not being treated in the way mentioned in those laws. Let me quote here an example from the barbaric attitude of humans towards animals. There are many people who slay the vagrant dogs and cats by poisoning them; despite knowing the illegal and morally corrupt act they have conducted. On social media platforms, people have uploaded videos about how animals are maltreated; by our human community and the people are taking it as an amusement – no strict actions have been taken yet.

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This is not the right way to treat these creatures. As part of society, they have the right to live without being assaulted.

I myself have witnessed one of these barbaric incidents taking place in our legal society. I saw one man who; in his hastiness, injured the cat on the road by his car moreover the cruelty reached the height; when he did not even stop for a moment to check whether the cat is alive or not. Moreover, I saw the owners of a donkey; how recklessly they beat their donkeys, despite taking a lot of work from them. These are some misconducts that we must need to take into consideration in order to make us a civilized society.

Several social media campaigns have already been carried out; regarding the human misconducts towards the animals like; the campaign of ‘halt assaulting animals’ and many advertisements have also been there on TV and social media. Different luminaries raised up their voices against animal rights and their protection. 

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As the cities of Pakistan, it is our obligatory duty; to protect the rights of every single creature being living there. We just need to recheck our attitudes, behaviour and conducts and need to analyze them; and to promote the rights of these animals not by our words but also by our actions.

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