Social Networking Increases Jealousy In Pakistan

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Twitter, Facebook, Skype and much more come to my mind when thinking about Social networking. As we know in the past due to economic concerns and distances, connections were very limited between people. Social network makes it easy for people all over the world.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can be entertaining for us and has now made it easy for us to connect and look out for people next door or across the world in just one click.

Well, this is very important in our life and we are accustomed to it. Which raises a question whether social media is only helping or impeding our life, can it really only increase awareness? Yes, there are some positive aspects of social networking, such as staying in touch with people, aiding in catching criminals, finding people with similar interests, it serves as a valuable promotional tool, information spreading tool, helps in seeking new jobs, raises awareness of politics and much more but there are lot of disadvantages about social networking too, such as wasting time, risk of fraud, backlash, invasion of privacy, but from what I’ve experienced is that the main issue is the increase in jealousy…


Source: Giphy

Jealousy is a very common part of human nature, it is a feeling of envy towards someone because of what they have or for what they’re getting attention for. The internet, social media, technology, etc have made us more connected and aware of what others are doing in their lives through pictures, updated statuses about every single thing and because of this, people start to feel less about themselves.


Source: Giphy

People compare themselves to other people, not only in their own social circles but in other peoples’ social circles too and that evokes jealousy in them. Studies show that, among the age group of 18 to 33, people can take negativity on to their psychological health which leads to depression and anxiety.

When your friends post photos or statuses about something special, about their relation or any other success, some people may feel jealousy and it was noticed in the study that they started hating, blocking or unfriending them from their friends’ list.


Source: GBCN

How do you prevent yourself from feeling the same way? Experts say the best way to prevent oneself from spiraling down the same path is to put all the devices, that connect us somehow to social media, to be kept down and a certain time limit should be set as to not over indulge in these habits. Pay attention to your life and your own issues, and you’ll be a happy camper!

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