Here’s Exactly Why Social Media Is A Sad Place To Be!

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There used to be a time when 9 p.m. news on PTV was the only thing that would tell us everything important around the world. Now we know everything that goes on every possible second around the world with every human being, thanks to the social media. Or I should say we know more than we should. If social media was a place in the land of the internet it would be a sad place.

Here’s why:

Who Is Behind The Camera?

Source: The Atlantic

Nowadays, we see a lot of videos based on the name of awareness. It could be a child being harassed or someone as old as someone’s father being abused. Have you ever wondered who’s behind the camera?

The person who is making a video sure got enough brain to take out his camera and make a video to be the hero of the “awareness” police. However, he is too scared to actually stop the person who is committing a crime. While the video hits a million shares and sympathetic comments. The damage done behind the camera is serious which sadly goes neglected as we forget about it after a few days.

“Privacy” Is A Vague Word

Source: ABC7 San Francisco

It’s about time we admit that we don’t want privacy. As soon as we see a couple on honeymoon, we immediately want to go on a honeymoon, married or not. There must’ve been a time in your life where you would’ve chosen to go to a new posh restaurant just so you could be the first one to share it on Facebook. We have gotten so competitive in this race that privacy is a word that doesn’t even cross our minds.

False Fame

Source: Vogue

There are many celebrities people follow on social media, just so they could get to know more about them. However, apart from these people, there are many others who have become famous on social media just by behaving inhumanely in their videos. They are surely famous but not in good words, they are rather a joke. These people are openly being harassed, made fun of or judged in the comment section. Yet we chose to follow them for a few seconds of laughter. Instead of following these people we never wonder if they might actually need help mentally.

To put it into simple words, imagine yourself in a place where your room is entirely made of glass. Everything you do is on the show for people. Outside you see a crime being sold on the name of awareness and among the fame, you fail to see the ones who need help.

How long do you think you can survive such a place?

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