This Is What Social Media Did To Komal Rizvi After What She Did To Edhi…

People started to post negative comments as Komal Rizvi posts a selfie with Edhi foundation founder,  Abdul Sattar Edhi. Komal Rizvi paid him a visit at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) where he had been admitted for check-up and his routine dialysis treatment.



Komal probably thought it was fun and harmless to take a selfie with the humanitarian. Unfortunately for her, social media can be a very unforgiving place. “There is only one man in Pakistan, only one, that has dedicated his and his entire families life to selfless service and charitable causes for this thankless Nation and continues to do so despite his dialysis with another great man Dr. Adeeb Rizvi at the age of 90,” she posted on her Facebook page.




Abdul Sattar Edhi appears to be sad or rather not smiling in all the pictures which was pointed out by many who reached Komal’s page. Komal posted various pictures with Edhi and his family. Here’s what people had to say about her “happy” selfie with the humanitarian:

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