6 Viral Social Media Challenges Keeping People Occupied During Lockdown

viral social media challenge

In the past two months, social media has been overrun with many viral challenges. Every day we come across a new social media trend to which thousands of teenagers begin practicing. Well, we can’t blame anyone for starting such trends, as what else to do during this lockdown?

Not all challenges turned out to be good, as it has been the case before, with one asking people to lick items in public. Later, many contracted coronavirus due to this disgusting challenge.

However, many challenges are also very interesting to do. Pakistanis are also participating in many viral challenges.  Here are a few challenges which have caught massive attention across the globe.

No Rush Challenge/Make Up Brush Challenge

‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ is bringing makeup-lovers and friends together from a distance in a new and fun way. After hitting a global audience, Pakistani women are also attempting this new challenge on social media.

It starts with one person showcasing their makeup free skin then, they grab a makeup brush and hold it over the camera lens. Later, when they remove the brush, we see a full face of makeup. They then throw it to another girl and it continues!

#MeAt20 challenge

The internet has gone wild for another online trend. #MeAt20 is a new trend where people are now sharing snaps from when they were 20-year-old. Many Pakistani celebrities were seen sharing their pictures when they were 20 years old.

Dalgona Coffee challenge

A new two-layered coffee drink, Dalgona coffee, is the most yum thing you will see across social media these days with the hashtag #daglonacoffeechallenge. People have been trying their own versions of Dalgona Coffee and sharing it on social media.

However, many people claim that it’s just a simple whipped milk coffee. You pour milk on top of the whipped mix rather than spooning the whipped mix on top of the milk.

dalgona coffee

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Tik Tok Dance Challenge

If you had asked many of us before lockdown about TikTok, we may have said there would be no chance you could get us on it. Fast forward three weeks and people are suddenly all over it with their mum, dad, brother, sister and whoever else you’re sharing a house with in tow.

TikTok dances are turn into a craze now, with doctors, actors and people across the globe attempting the challenge. Most recent is #ohnananachallenge where people are seen dancing with only lower body now.

The Gesture Challenge

The Gesture Challenge has now gone viral across platforms, challenging users to copy a list of complex hand movements accompanied by fast-paced music. Celebrities such as The Jonas Brothers have attempted the tough challenge alongside the likes of Diversity’s Ashley Banjo, Dan Osborne, and Jacqueline Jossa.

However, this trend has not so far gained popularity in Pakistan.

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Nailed it.

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Baking Challenge

During this quarantine period, the most common activities these days is cooking. People are sharpening their cooking and baking skills during their stay at home. Every Instagram feed is filled up with cooking videos and pictures. Many celebs are also trying their hands in baking fresh cookies, cupcakes and muffins to satisfy their sweet cravings.

This is not only a challenge but mostly became a daily routine for many. People enjoying making new recipes every day.

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Anyone want some…?? ??

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These viral challenges have kept the whole family occupied during the coronavirus outbreak. How many of these have you tried yet?


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