The New #MeAt20 Fever Is Going Crazy on Social Media

The internet has gone wild for another online trend (like seriously one more?). #MeAt20 is a new trend where people are now sharing snaps from when they were 20-year-old.

The general public, journalists and celebrities have rushed to display pictures of their 20-year-old selves using the viral Me At 20 hashtag on Twitter. Unlike other online trends, there’s no nomination process, so you don’t need to wait until one of your friends tags you.

Many local and international celebrities are also taking part in the challenge giving people some shock. The challenge is giving people time to reflect on questionable fashion decisions, bad hair and other mishaps from their younger years.

#MeAt20: Can you guess who is who?

Some of Pakistan’s notable faces have shared their old looks on Twitter. We couldn’t even recognize them. From politicians to journalists, see if you can identify these #MeAt20 pictures.


She is a well-known Pakistani journalist and a senior anchorperson.


With two bullets in his body, he is one of the most known faces of Pakistan Television today.


She is a senior PPP leader, and people love her fashion style.


Remember the liquor case?


Well. he is a coronavirus survivor from Sindh and a politician.

The trend has also become a medium to share memes on Twitter. Many people are sharing pictures of dinosaurs and other ancient phenomenal as part of the #MeAt20 challenge.

How did the trend start?

The trend appears to have been sparked by Twitter user @202natt on Monday, April 13. She tweeted, “Lmaooo what did y’all look like at 20?”.

The tweet gained over 2,000 likes since Monday, and it received over 1,000 replies. And as the trend traveled further and wider, people began posting their own pictures in response to the original tweet.

As the lockdown continues across the globe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. People are coming up with different ideas to pass some time at home. Many social media challenges and trends have been created in the past few days.

Earlier, we came across a coffee challenge. Everyone seems to be smitten by the Internet’s favorite drink Dalgona Coffee. Due to its rising popularity on social media, it was being called as the quarantine coffee as well.

Also, the ‘Makeup Brush Challenge‘ or ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ was introduced bringing makeup-lovers and friends together from a distance in a new and fun way.

Well, we hope that people soon get over these digital challenges and face some real-life after this pandemic. This lockdown is getting on everyone’s head and people are waiting to get out of their home to do something in real. Many of the people have already planned their first encounter in the world beyond their homes.


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