Snapchat Wants You To Forget About Your Phone And Start Snapchat-ing With These Uber-Cool Specs!

It’s here! The moment we all have been waiting for! Since the launch of Instagram Stories where it just blatantly copied Snapchat, everyone has been having their minds guessing about what will be Snapchat’s next move to keep itself relevant.

In a rather surprising move today, Snapchat not only just rebranded itself to Snap Inc., they announced the launch of these super cool spectacles!

Now you’re probably thinking that why are these spectacles that special? Here’s why!

With these specs, you’ll have the advantage of sending snaps without the need of keeping your phone in hand. So now whether you’re babysitting, enjoying a concert or having a sunbath, all you have to do is put on those specs, tap them and tada!

Some details on the product:

The specs will have a 115-degree lens, which will be having a wider view than a typical camera. The functionality will be similar to the Snapchat app as the specs will record only 10 seconds video on each tap. The video recorded will be circular which is supposed to imitate how a human eye sees things.

Source: Giphy

The glasses will come in one-size fits all with three colors to choose from: black, teal and coral. They will also be accompanied with a wireless charging case!

Source: Snapchat

Source: Snapchat

Sounds cool, right?!

The spectacles aren’t a smartphone killer like Google glass project but we love how it brings down the wall that constant use of smartphone brings during our lives and important occasions and just simplifies the way we share things.

The spectacles will be available to public sometime this fall for $129 so we all will have to wait but we definitely can’t wait to get our hands on it already!

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