Snapchat has a Secret Game of Thrones Filter and Here’s how you can Unlock it

Game of Thrones Season 7 is just around the corner and Snapchat has brought something special for GoT fans. HBO has introduced a special Game of Thrones filter for Snapchat users. The code to download the new filter was sent through the “Game of Thrones” newsletter, Whispers of Westeros, but we’re here to walk you through accessing and using the new Night King-themed filter.

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The filter is temporary.

Yes it is temporary but you can enjoy it for one hour and feel like Jon Snow, slaying the White Walkers, living your dream. It actually is a great strategy by HBO to introduce this filter for the promotion that isn’t even needed. Everyone is talking about the new season but here is a little surprise from GoT for its fans.

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Here is how to get that filter.

You can click on the link above and unlock the cool filter. Open the link from your phone and it’s done.

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Take selfies or kill the White Walkers.

The filter has two modes, one in the selfie mode and the other using the rear camera. The rear camera takes you into a Game of Thrones scene with White Walkers around you and you can even kill them using the dragon glass. And with the front camera, once you open up, your screen will get wintry, your eyes will turn dead-blue, and icy mists puff out from your mouth.

So what would you rather choose? Be a White Walker or the one who kills them? Just beware of the King in the North if you choose the first option.

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People are loving it.

It really is the coolest thing ever.

And we all are excited about it.

Yes we can’t wait for the new GoT season and now that this filter is introduced, the excitement just got more.


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