Snapchat Users, This App Might Be Getting You Into Trouble And Here’s Why You Need To Be Careful About It!

Just recently, Snapchat revealed a new feature called SnapMap. Through the GPS, the feature allows you to see what your friends are doing. For example, if they are listening to music, you can see that in the SnapMap feature as well.

Additionally, it shows their exact location too. It is easier to track someone’s location just by seeing where they are on Snapchat.

A lot of people shared how this feature will help them track down someone who might be cheating on them. I mean…why…?

Given how dangerous this feature can be, especially if you are a social person who has some random following on his or her account, this feature can have some serious side-effects. Aside from the fact that someone may actually find out how boring your life is (raises her hand), they can eventually track your location for some negative reasons. If someone on Snapchat is following you (and you follow back), they can easily see where you are. Given how cyber bullying and harassment is increasing in our country and in other parts of the world, one needs to be safe than sorry.

Watch this Video to Know More:

Here’s What You Can Do About It:

1. Turn off your location sharing (Appear as Ghost)
If you are worried about this specific feature, become a ghost by going in the Settings (top right on the SnapMap). You will still be able to see someone else’s location, but yours will be hidden.

2. Do not add back unknown people if your privacy is on ‘Friends-Only’
Snapchat allows users to share their snaps and stories with people you have not added to your account. These snaps go out on public Snapchat accounts. If you have a private account i.e, only added people can see your stories, sharing your location with your trusted group of friends and family may not be an issue. If your account is on public though, you might want to think twice.

One needs to be careful, given how anything bad can happen in this world.

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