Snapchat Just Had the Worst Update EVER And Pakistanis Are Hating It!

Snapchat has become an obsession of many. Each day, we open the app, browse through the friends we have added and see their day to day updates. Without Snapchat, tbh, we won’t even be aware of what’s happening in the lives of our friends and family members.

Not only this, you get to follow your favorite celebs (local and international) and they share their routines with the fans as well. Oh and not to forget, the amazing filters which make us look so damn beautiful and funny and crazy. All and all, Snapchat is a pretty addictive app and Pakistanis just can’t get enough of it.

Well, That Was the Case Previously and Now, People are Just Fuming with Anger!

Snapchat updated their layout and people just cannot make sense of what’s happening. They have totally changed the looks of it something that can be related to the previous versions. Safe to say, the new update is 10 times more different AND difficult.

While there is an international outburst everywhere on the social media, Pakistanis cannot make the sense of the update either.

People Desperately Want the Old Version Back

It Does, Sis, IT DOES!

LOL So True!


Can’t Find Anything!

So well, the creative team at Snapchat has yet again ruined the application and we are waiting for another update so we can go back and start using Snapchat the way we used to.

For now, literally, no one feels like opening the app because…no one understands how it really works…

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