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Snapchat Doodle ‘Queen’ Has Been Discovered!

A 22 year old student at the University Of Arts in Pennsylvania, Thom White, has discovered his calling. It’s doodling on Snapchat!

By the username ‘moochiemane’, White weaves his Disney inspired artwork magic onto his Snapchat selfies with interesting captions, giving our timeless Disney movies a creative spin. Here’s a snippet of our moochiemane’s brilliance;

1. Well, hello there, Elsa

elsadownload (2)

Source: elitedaily.com


2. Snow White not-so-white


snow white

Source: collegehumour.com


3. Meanwhile, we have the Witch



Source: elitedaily.com


4. Jasmine chillin’



Source: bustle.com


5. Ariel live from the ocean



Source: distractify.com


6. Tinkerbell says hi



Source: sofeminine.co.uk

The new Disney princesses in all their Snapchat splendor!


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