Snapchat Called India “Poor” And Adnan Sami Lashed Out On Pakistanis Who Trolled Him!

The war on social media took hilarious turns these past few days when the CEO of Snapchat said something he shouldn’t have. Evan Spiegel, the youngest richest man in the world and the founder of Snapchat said in an interview that he won’t expand Snapchat to poor countries like India and Spain.

Causing an uproar in a country which falls under the category of emerging markets (business point of view), the Indians decided to boycott Snapchat to prove that they are so-not-poor.

Before uninstalling the app, the Indians made sure they give point 1 (out of 5) rating on their app stores.

Around 400,000 Indians uninstalled Snapchat and sure as hell made quite an impact on the ratings the app store displays.

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While Indians were lashing out on Snapchat, many confused it with an online shopping app called Snapdeal and oh boy, the statements were hilarious!


Oh, Boy – This IS Hilarious!!

Keep his validation and obviously, his citizenship valuable, former Pakistani-now-Indian Adnan Sami made a tweet regarding uninstalling Snapchat as well.

After Sami made this tweet, Pakistanis while just being Pakistanis couldn’t control to troll him.


As a response to all this trolling Pakistanis threw his way, Adnan Sami made a direct tweet towards them:

Well, Adnan Sami might have received the validation he needed from the Indians but surely, that doesn’t prove how he isn’t someone who ran away from Pakistan just for his own benefits. Hope your cancelled-Pakistan-to-get-Indian-nationality will continue to benefit you.

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