Your Smoking Habit Might Be Making You Vulnerable To Coronavirus

smoking coronavirus

Global pandemics like the current one are simply a mnemonic for us that we should ponder over our health. Every time we touch our face, it actually increases the vulnerability to infection. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Studies claim that now might be a good time for you to cut down your smoking habits.

As of now, the Coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 1,500,000 people, moreover, causing 88,550 deaths, globally.

Risk of severe infection

Pathological experts on leading studies assert that when you smoke, you breach the defense capability of your lungs against the virus. What happens is, there are hair-like projections in your lungs waving back and forth, called cilia. These brush resembling protrusions move back and forth with the air passage, whilst cleaning it at the same time. This holds back all the mucus and dirt, keeping your airway clear so you can breathe comfortably.

smoking coronavirus

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Nonetheless, your smoking fleetingly paralyzes your cilia, moreover, killing them if you are a long-term smoker. Consequently, this may result in mucus development, making your body susceptible to cold and infections.

A common dilemma worth discussing is, second-hand smokers are also in the same line of getting infected from the Coronavirus. Until now, people inhaling smoke involuntarily from tobacco being smoked by others, have developed the problem of chronic inflammation.

Respiratory failure

Precisely, a study from the European Respiratory Journal enumerated that smokers have an elevated enzyme in their lungs called ACE-2. A person having a mucus membrane leakage or having lungs in a bad shape may cause ACE-2 to enable the virus’s cells to infiltrate his lungs. From there, the Coronavirus particles can grow at a substantial rate, causing shortness of breath, and eventually death from respiratory failure.

In a nutshell, smokers at a baseline for chronic bronchitis, whereas, with the risk of Coronavirus around, it gets worse.

smoking coronavirus

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Say no to smoking

Axing down your smoking habits is really one hell of a job, but if you manage to pull it off, it might pay you off down the road. For starters, your lung structure will start to get in good shape, as tar and other carcinogenic particles leave your body. Subsequently, cilia in your lungs will help in warding off any viral particles, lessening your chance of getting infected with the Coronavirus.

On a positive note, quitting smoking certainly has health benefits for your heart. By not touching a cigarette, your blood will eventually start getting thinner,  obliterating the chance of blood clotting. Therefore, your carbon monoxide free blood will have the capacity to carry even more oxygen.



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